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12 May 2013

Derzi Informal CT Tutorial

Tutorial written by Kissing Kate on 12 May 2013
This tutorial is my own original work and any similarities with any other tutorial are coincidental and unintentional.
Anyone with a good basic working knowledge of PS CS5 should be able to follow this tutorial. Please feel free to get creative when following this tutorial, it is for guidance only! 
Please do not claim this tutorial as your own.  Anyone is welcome to use it and I would love to see your results.  If you would like to share it in a group please link back to my blog.

Supplies Used:
Tube: Derzi Informal (from the Aquatic Beauty series) ~ find it HERE.
Kit: Aquatic Beauty by Amy Marie ~ find it HERE.
Mask:  WSL 116 ~ find it HERE.
 Template: Temp 7 by Sweet as Honey Creationz ~ find it HERE.
Font of your choice.

Let’s get started!!!!!

Open up the template and delete the copyright layer.
Keep the white background layer for now so you can see what you’re doing!
Now working from the bottom:
Click on each template layer shape and place a paper over them and then right click to apply a clipping mask.
I applied mine as follows:
Layer 8:  paper 7
Layer 9: paper 7
Layer 1: paper 6
Layer 2: paper 8
Layer 3: paper 6
Keep the glitter layer!!
Layer 5: paper 7
Layer 6: paper 5
Layer 7: paper 13
As you can see the glitter circle layer is not where we want it to be so drag it down below layer 7
Delete the heart layer
Above paper 5 on layer 6, place element 67 and create a clipping mask to cover messy edges.
Place the tube over paper 13 (Layer 7) and create a clipping mask.  Use free transform (whilst holding shift) to made the face of the tube fit the circle.  Now desaturate the tube. I also added a subtle texture to the tube and filter, render, lighting effect (spotlight)
Also paste the tube under element 67 so the face shows through the window. Keep it in colour.
Now use elements of choice to get the tag looking how you wish.  Apply a drop shadow as desired.  I used elements:
Element 47 (x 2)
Element 48 (x 2 one mirrored)
Element 72
Element 16
Element 32
Element 12
Element 22
Element 20
Element 98 (I made a circle shape behind this and placed the tube there again with a clipping mask so it was in the pocket watch)
Element 54
Element 39
Now got to the background layer and place your mask above it.. blend it with paper 10 and delete the background.
Place element 60 above the mask
Ok so now you can add a name and the correct copyright before resizing the tag to your preferred size.
Thank You!! 


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