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9 July 2013

Christine Marie Kotlark FTU Tut

Tutorial written by Kissing Kate on 9th July 2013

This tutorial is my own original work and any similarities with any other tutorial are coincidental and unintentional.

Anyone with a good basic working knowledge of PS CS5 should be able to follow this tutorial. Please feel free to get creative when following this tutorial, it is for guidance only! 

Please do not claim this tutorial as your own. Anyone is welcome to use it and I would love to see your results. If you would like to share it in a group please link back to my blog.

Supplies Used:

Tube: Me and the Mini Bar by Christine Marie Kotlark

Mask of your choice.

Font of your choice.

Let’s get started!!!!!

Open up a new image 700x700 (background layer) and fill white so you can see what you are doing.

Apply a mask and merge with paper 12

Use a brush of choice and use col # b98bcd to add some d├ęcor and colour to layer above mask so that the colour in the tube will pop 

Place element 19 in centre – add drop shadow (d/s)

Open up the tube in new tab and highlight the close up – select all – copy

Paste in main image slightly to the right so flowers are not covered – add light d/s

A little space is probably showing at the bottom but don’t worry we will be covering this up.

Place element 7 over to bottom right - resize - d/s

Duplicate element 7 and place around the frame (element 19 ) to your taste.

Place element 17 over to bottom right - resize - d/s

Place element 4 over to bottom right - resize - d/s

Place element 12 – resize – d/s – duplicate it and dot around (diff sizes) to suit taste

Place element 11 - resize – d/s – duplicate it and dot around (diff sizes) to suit taste

Place element 29 at the bottom in the middle to cover the last bit of space – resize – d/s – now go to transform – distort to give it a bit of perspective.. 

Place element 21 to the upper right – resize – d/s

Place element 13 in front of the clock to cover the bottom part so it doesn’t look like it is floating in the air.. add some flower elements too to finish off

Delete background layer

Ok so now you can add a name and the correct copyright before resizing the tag to your preferred size.

Thank You!! 


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